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EBIOS, the French reference method, helps organizations to identify and understand their own digital risks. It allows determining security controls that suit to the threat and setting up the monitoring and continuous improvement framework following a risk analysis shared at the highest level.

On the ANSSI website: EBIOS Risk Manager


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This case study aims at showing how to use the EBIOS toolbox in the privacy specific sector.



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In a risk study, analyzed impacts highly rely on each stakeholder’s point of view. Starting from this understanding, this document push to take into account each actor considerations, in a “by design” logic, so that the product, system or service is accepted by everyone.


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This document aims at providing useful elements to manage the risks related to the use of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device).


Categories: Case studyClub EBIOSFrench

This study aims at showing how to use the EBIOS toolbos in the privacy specific sector.

This flyer summerizes the essential issues raised by the case study.


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This document presents sectors in which tisk management plays a major role in order to enlight similarities and dissimilarities. Risk management is not only for information technology but concerns a growing amount of sectors that think about their survival and expansion strategies.

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This memento provides with the concepts related to business continuity and their position in information security. Then, specific activities for business continuity are presented in 4 iterative steps. The referential, the organization and the associated tools are finally studied.