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Obeya-like Risk Management ApproachAlternative technique, Club EBIOS member, English, , , , , , , , Lean management is trendy. This also concerns risk management, in particular in France, with the …2020/01/132020-01-13 08:32:10
The ANSSI’s method: EBIOS Risk ManagerANSSI, French, Sector-specific method, , EBIOS, the French reference method, helps organizations to identify and understand their own digital risks. …2018/10/172018-10-17 16:00:44
EBIOS Generic ApproachClub EBIOS, Document, English, This guide is the EBIOS* generic approach. It provides a common base to any sector-specific …2018/09/052018-09-05 09:13:42
The CNIL’s PIA GuidesEnglish, Other origin, Sector-specific method, , , , , The CNIL’s PIA Guides have been updated to provide a tool for the General Data …2018/02/262018-02-26 08:06:42
Professionnal vehicules geolocation – Case studyCase study, Club EBIOS, French, This case study aims at showing how to use the EBIOS toolbox in the privacy …2017/03/172017-03-17 16:08:16
Study – Differenciated impactsClub EBIOS, Document, French, In a risk study, analyzed impacts highly rely on each stakeholder’s point of view. Starting …2017/02/192017-02-19 16:11:45
BYOD – Inputs for risk managementClub EBIOS, French, Knowledge basesThis document aims at providing useful elements to manage the risks related to the use …2014/02/112014-02-11 16:15:51
Patient management in an occupational medicine cabinet – Case studyCase study, Club EBIOS, French, This study aims at showing how to use the EBIOS toolbos in the privacy specific …2011/11/292011-11-29 16:25:42
Risk management practicesClub EBIOS, Document, French, , , , , , , , This document presents sectors in which tisk management plays a major role in order to …2008/11/182008-11-18 16:33:07
Memento on business continuityClub EBIOS, Document, FrenchThis memento provides with the concepts related to business continuity and their position in information …2008/11/182008-11-18 16:31:22

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