Join the Club EBIOS

What does a membership to the Club EBIOS as an organization mean?

Members as organizations are public or private sector legal entities that provide risk management services or use risk management tools or practices for their own needs, implementing them themselves or benefiting from external services. Each organization has one vote at the General Assembly..

What does a membership to the Club EBIOS as an individual expert mean?

Members as individual experts are natural persons recognized as experts in the field of risk management. Each individual expert has one vote in the General Assembly.

Admission procedure

Step 1

The candidate looks for a sponsor from among the members of the association to apply.

Step 2

The application form must be duly completed and signed after reading the Club EBIOS statutes et du internal rules:

Step 3

The complete application is sent to the Club EBIOS at the address indicated in the application form.

Step 4

Admission is reviewed by the Board of Directors following receipt of the application for acceptance.

Step 5

The decision is sent to the candidate within a maximum of 15 days after the meeting of the Board of Directors that considered the application.

Membership fee

The annual membership fee is: