The EBIOS trustmarks

1. Signatories of the Trainer’s Charter | 2. Labellised training courses | 3. Accreditation of skills certification | 4. Labellised software

1. The signatories of the EBIOS Risk Manager Trainer’s Charter

The following lists present the EBIOS Risk Manager trainers, who committed to respecting the “EBIOS Risk Manager Trainer’s Charter”.

Members of the Circle of Trainer, active in the Club

The “Circle of Trainers” is a working group of the Club EBIOS. It brings together trainers, members of the Club EBIOS, who are trainers at least on the EBIOS Risk Manager method, and who have adhered to the Charter. It aims to share experiences of lessons learned and sharing of best practices in this activity, in a spirit of pooling resources and continuous improvement of the practice of EBIOS and associated tools.

ALLARD Jean-Luc Contact: jeaallard [at] French German English
AUVRAY Damien Contact: damien.auvray [at] French English
BENYAMMI Bachir Contact: bachir [at] French
BARRAT Laurent Contact: laurent.barrat [at] French
BELHOCINE Amine Contact: amine.belhocine [at] | Details French
BELOT Tony Contact: tony.belot [at] | Details French
BERTHELOT Benjamin Contact: benjamin.berthelot [at] French
BOÉ José-Patrick Contact: jpboe [at] | Details French
BOS Jean-Robert Contact: jrb.andernos [at] French
BOURRA Dominique Contact: dbourra [at] | Details French
BOUTEBA Camil Contact: contact [at] French
BREYAULT Julien Contact: julien.breyault [at] French
BROUSSEAU Maud Contact: maud.broussaud [at] French
CAPAROSS Fabien Contact: fabien.capaross [at] French English
CIUPA Dominique Contact: dominique [at] French
COQUER Anthony Contact: acoquer [at] French
CORBEL Pierre Contact: pierre.corbel1 [at] French
DELMOTTE Kevin Contact: kdelmotte [at] French
DESROCHES Vincent Contact: donezan7 [at] French
DRAPEAU Charlotte Contact: contact.cdrapeau [at] French
FLAUS Jean-Marie Contact: jm.flaus [at] French
FITOUSSI Thomas Contact: thomas.fitoussi [at] French English
FRAUSTO Paul French
FUCHS Emmanuel Contact: emmanuel.fuchs [at] French
GALVANI Laurent Contact: laurent.galvani [at] | Details French
GÉRAIN Étienne Contact: etienne.gerain [at] French English
GRÉMY Jean-Marc Contact: jmgremy [at] French
GRISPAN Ian Contact: ian.grispan [at] French English
HANNA Georges Contact: georges.hanna [at] French
HEDOUX Tony Contact: tony.hedoux [at] French
HEBBAR Mohammed Contact: mhe4pro [at] French
HORDE Jordan Contact: jordan.horde [at] | Details French
LABANI Nourredine Contact: nlabani [at] | Details French
LACOUR Benoit Contact: benoit.lacour [at] French
LEVY Olivier Contact: olivier.levy [at] | Details French English
LORIOT Vincent Contact: vincent.loriot [at] French
MADKOURI Sanae Contact: sanae.madkouri [at] French
MAILLET Christophe Contact: c.maillet [at] | Details French
MAISON Frederic Contact: [at] | Details French
MARTIN Jacques Contact: jacques.martin [at] French
MARTIN Yannis Contact: y.martin [at] French
OLIVE Jean Contact: jean.olive [at] French
OLIVIER Philippe Contact: philippe [at] | Details French
PAIOLA Miriam Contact: miriam.paiola [at] French
PAUL Stéphane Contact: stephane.paul [at] French English
PELEGRIN-BOMEL Maricela Contact: marycrdv13 [at] French
LE POETVIN Thomas Contact: thomaslepoetvin [at] | Details French English Spanish
RENARD Matthieu Contact: formation [at] | Details French
RENAUDIN Fabien Contact: fabien.renaudin [at] French
RENSON Fernand Contact: pr.paulrenson [at] French
RICHY Paul Contact: paul.richy [at] French
RIETSCH Jean-Marc Contact: jm.rietsch [at] French
ROLLANT Franck Contact: franck.rollant [at] French
SAAD Jamal Contact: jamal.saad [at] French
SABBAR Ayoub Contact : a.sabbar [at] French
SEBAI Bechir Contact: bechir.sebai [at] French
SMAHA Mikaël mikael.smaha [at] French
SPELLA Didier Contact: didier.spella [at] | Details French
TALBI Malika Contact: mtalbi [at] French
THÉMÉE Jérôme Contact: jthemee [at] French English
TOURRON Philippe Contact: philippe.tourron [at] French
TRABELSI Yassine Contact: yassine.trabelsi [at] French
TROALIC Hervé Contact: herve.troalic [at] French
VAN CAUTER Nicolas Contact: nicolas.vancauteur [at] French
VARELA Paul Contact: paul.varela [at] French English
VIÉ Anne-Catherine Contact: anne-catherine.vie [at] French
VIGNERON LAROSA Thais Contact: thais.vigneron-larosa [at] French
WAFO Valère Contact: jeaallard [at] French
ZAMORA François Contact: francois.zamora [at] French Spanish

Independent trainers

“Independent trainers” means professional trainers in the EBIOS Risk Manager method who are not members of the Circle of Trainers and who have adhered to the Charter.

BERNAT Jérôme Contact: jerome.bernat [at] French
MOYAL Moise Contact: moise.moyal [at] French
NDIGO NZIE César Olivier Contact: cndigo [at] | Details French
SELMI Mohamed Contact: m.selmi [at] French
2. The training courses which have received the SecNumedu-FC label from the ANSSI

The following lists identify the EBIOS Risk Manager continuous training courses that have received the ANSSI’s SecNumedu-FC label.

Training courses by member organizations of the Club EBIOS

Training courses by other organizations

E-CATALYST Formation EBIOS 2018 Risk Manager
G-ECHO EBIOS 2018 RiskManager
MIRAT DI NERIDE Analyse de Risques : utillisation de la méthode Ebios RM, nouvel enjeu des décideurs
3. The EBIOS Risk Manager skills certification

Accredited certification bodies

What is the EBIOS Risk Manager skills certification?

The purpose of certification is to demonstrate the capabilities of individuals in their practice of the EBIOS Risk Manager method.

More precisely, these are the competences expected for level 2 of the skills referential: the “Application” level (implementation of the technical rules, requiring a practice of the method in real conditions).

To do this, the Club EBIOS accredits certification bodies (accredited by an accreditation body member of the IAF – International Accreditation Forum), which will then evaluate candidates and, where appropriate, issue them a skills certificate:

  • requirements on the certification scheme: this referential defines the requirements for the main stakeholders (ANSSI, Club EBIOS and certifying bodies) ;
  • requirements on the skills : this referential is organized into three complementary themes, from theory to practice: mastery of concepts, mastery of the process, and practice of the method.

Certification bodies accreditation procedure

Step 1

The candidate certification body downloads both of the above requirements reference frameworks and the accreditation application form.

Step 2

The candidate duly completes the accreditation application form (all fields must be filled) and sends it to the Club EBIOS with all documents (clearly named) to demonstrate the achievement of each requirement.

Step 3

Club EBIOS’ administrators assess the eligibility of the application (status of the certification body, completeness and clarity of the application) and report their conclusion to the applicant.

Step 4

If the application is deemed responsive, Club EBIOS’ administrators assess the compliance of the application with both requirements reference frameworks. Complements may be requested from the candidate and exchanges are possible (the candidate is required to provide the required elements).

Step 5

If the application is found to be in compliance, the Club EBIOS accreditates the candidate (decision of the Board of Directors) and publishes it below.

4. The software which have received the label from the ANSSI

The following lists identify software solutions that conform to the principles and concepts of the EBIOS Risk Manager method, and have received the ANSSI’s label.

Software provided by member organizations of the Club EBIOS

Software provided by other organizations